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Whether you're an individual on-the-go, a cafe owner looking for a more convenient packaging solution, or a food delivery service looking for a unique way to transport beverages to customers, Bag of Jo has got you covered! 

Bag of Jo

The new company that revolutionizes the way you travel with your beverages.

Bag of Jo offers disposable and reusable, high-quality, leak-proof beverage bags that are perfect for people who lead active lifestyles and travel with hot or cold beverages.

At Bag of Jo, we understand that traditional beverage holders can be flimsy, inconvenient to carry, and unsafe to transport hot liquids. Our innovative beverage bags help reduce spills and burns, and come in various sizes that are perfect for carrying hot or iced coffees, hot or cold teas, fountain or canned sodas, water bottles, smoothies, even milkshakes!

Bag of Jo also offers hooks designed to be attached to the headrest of your car. Once in place, the hook provides a secure location for hanging your Bag of Jo in an upright position, allowing for sturdy and safe transportation.